The Women Behind The Strength Of Comfort Taxi, Key of success is all about 'Reinventing Oneself', hope you'll enjoy the article.

                                        A STORY ABOUT REINVENTING ONESELF

Siti Faradilah shares that although she was armed with a Bachelor of Technology (Hons) Information Technology, family circumstances required that she join the family business, in a capacity that she was not prepared for.

This was literally her first job, and she took the helm as manager of the family business that provides fleet management for taxi services in the Klang Valley - Destination Transport. The company is in the business of renting out cars to taxi drivers and managing a call centre for taxi services, matching drivers to booking requests. Her job was to see to the company accounts and human resources and manage the general operations of the company.

“It was not something I had prepared for and it was tough as I was caught off guard”.
Shelving her dreams of becoming a programmer, she had a whole lot of learning to do. Taking up the baton, she not only did what she had to do and learned the ropes of this business from scratch; she also brought in her own brand of expertise. While information technology was always in the background, Siti Faradilah amped it up and computerised company operations, using her skills and training to make technology a key player in her business.

As the managing director of Destination Transport today, her role is even more demanding but with 14 years of experience behind her, she is steady at the helm.

The company  has a fleet of some 500 cars and while the demand for transport will always be there, so will challenges as well as ups and downs. Nevertheless, this spunky gal has things well in hand and is putting in place plans to take the company through to a third generation.
Siti Faradilah is a real example of how graduates today need to be more flexible and open to learning about other industries and opportunities.

“The economy, and each and every industry, is always in a cycle with good times and bad. There is no use crying and lamenting about it, just move on. Situations like these are out of your control but if you can adapt and change where necessary, it could lead you to a brand new beginning that could turn out to be the best path for you eventually.”

Another viable option during trying job-market times is to become a business owner.
Business is fun, especially if you go into something that aligns with your passion and interest. However, make sure you do due diligence and be well-versed and equipped with all the necessary information and financial wisdom you need before you embark on a business venture. It is actually an excellent learning opportunity and could very well bring out the best in you.”
She suggests options such as online businesses which require only minimal start-ups. Crowd- funding would be another avenue for bigger ideas which require more funds.

“At the end of the day, it is not always just about having a job. Income can be earned in many ways and trying times bring out the creativity in us, challenging us to see things in a different light and to try new things. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, right?”
“If you follow your dreams and go where your passion leads you, with everything propped up firmly with a firm foundation of work and effort, you will find your niche.”


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