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What is International AIDS Candlelight Memorial  Day?
  The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is a worldwide occasion executed by a dynamic system of individuals include in the HIV reaction, incorporating individuals living with HIV and key shame and segregation, and offering would like to new eras. In Malaysia, KLASS( Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society) will lead this attempt and we at Comfort Taxi goes about as a dynamic for the occasion this year.

What is our target?
 The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial will give openings such:
- To celebrate friends and family who have lost their lives to HIV
- To show solidarity with individuals living with HIV
- To bring issues to light around HIV inside society
- To decrease HIV related shame and discrimination
- To decrease shame and oppression key populaces who are most influenced by HIV

AIDS/ HIV in Malaysia, how much do you know?
Since 1986, when AIDS initially showed up in Malaysia, 17,196 individuals have lost their lives thus. Regardless of the accessibility of the treatment that can drag out their lives, antiretroviral treatment supposedly achieves under two in five (37%) individuals living with HIV despite the fact that it is accessible without any cost to Malaysians. Poor treatment access to is regularly ascribed to the dread of discrimination and stigma.
What is our AIM?
   Dignity ,  Diversity,  Transparency,  Global Solidarity,  and Personal Integrity !!!

How to be a supporter?
We’re seeking donations to raise funds for KLASS awareness and treatment campaigns throughout the year, with only RM25.00 each donor will receive a candle. With the donations, you may participate in our event this 21st May at Central Park, One Utama.    
*Please bring your candles or collect your candles upon registration.

Where you can donate?

      Via cash
     Kuala Lumpur Sentral Train Railway Station at Comfort Taxi counter located in Ground Floor (ERL Arrival Hall near Secret Recipe and 1st floor ( Near KTM ETS Ticket Counter).
Via Money Transfer
             Please provide your full details such as your full name, contact number, and email. Once transfer please email us prove at support@comforttaxi.com.my inclusive of details mentioned above. Comfort Taxi will send in e-voucher for candle collection on the event day.

       Our Account Number:
                             Comfort Communication Sdn Bhd
                             Bank details: CIMB BANK BERHAD
                                   Account No: 8001130847

For more info about KLASS and Comfort Taxi, you can visit us at:
Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society(KLASS)
Contact:  Wednesday to Saturdays from 6.30pm till 9.30pm
                             +603 4045 3686
                  facebook-21.pngKuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society-KLASS

         Comfort Taxi HQ
Contact :   Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm
                 + 603 6253 1313 or +6018 2024 008 ( Hashidi)
                      facebook-21.png Comfort Taxi       insta logo small.jpg Comforttaxi

Thank you for you support, let’s abolish the Stigma & Care for another Malaysian in  need!!